Interests – Post Precedent Study

My initial interest, which I would never had expected, lies in education and youth/ adolescence issues – education being the root cause. We are in critical time in which education needs a major revolution, with emphasis on creativity in the for front. Not only in the arts but in every field. Our current education system is one of raising standardization not standards. We need to refocus our attention on intelligence of an individual person, and foster an environment where mistakes are not the worst think you can do because if you are “not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original.”

On another note I am also  incredibly interested in transportation – how it is both a divide and equalizer for people.

Waste – I love waste, and am incredibly interested in waste reduction and solutions/systems to zero waste – zero energy.


Embrace – Toms


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EMBRACE: Infant Warmer: Social Entrepreneur

Mission: To advance maternal and child health by delivering innovative solutions to the world’s most vulnerable populations

Social Issue Addressing: Raise awareness and prevention of the devastating impact of hypothermia in premature and low-birth weight babies, primarily in developing countries.

Product: Embrace has developed, through much iteration, clinical testing, and local partnerships; an infant warmer that is available for a fraction of the coast as the existing solutions. Shaped like a tiny sleeping bag, it utilizes a wax like phase change material (PCM), that can sustain a constant 98.5 degrees for 4-6 hours, a temperature that is critical to a babies survival. The PCM can either be heated with hot water or with the AccuTemp Heater if electricity is available. The BabyWrap is constructed from one piece of material in order to clean and sterilize easily. Embraces infant warmer is portable, allowing doctors and mothers in rural areas arose the globe access, giving hope and reassurance in an otherwise bleak circumstance.

Social Entrepreneur: Jane Chen – Embrace Co-Founder and Observer on the non-profit’s Board of Directors

Organizational Structure: Hybrid nonprofit venture. It is structured with both a non-profit 505(c)(3) and a for-profit social enterprise (c-corp), Embrace Innovations.

Nonprofit 501(c)(3): Through systematic programs in partnership with local NGOs

– Distribution of healthcare products to the worlds most impoverished  communities – through partnerships with local NGOs.

Partnerships: Sewa Rural; Karuna Trust: American Relief   Committee:Banadir Hospital; Swami Vivekinanda Youth Movement; Vanivalas Hospital; CLASP; International Midwife Assistance; Little Flower Orpanage

– Donations/charitable contributions – Allows product to be provided free of charge to these communities. Along with maternal and child education programs.

Embrace Innovations: Social Enterprise (c-corp)

Lead Investors: Khosla Impact; Capricorn Investment Group

– Manufacturing of Embraces Infant Warmer as well as additional future healthcare products.

-Distribution, sales, and marketing to communities, doctors, and patients that can afford to pay for their products.

– Research and development for maternal and child healthcare products for clinicians and families in emerging markets.

Long Term Impact: Reduced population Growth. Empirical Evidence shows that saving babies leads to reduced population growth.




Toms: One for One Shoes


The connection I found most closely related to Embrace’s Infant Warmer is Toms Shoes. Now I now your think how do the compare at all, and yes it is a bit of a stretch. When you boil it down however, they are both providing others with basic health needs they could otherwise not be provided. They also both work with local partnerships and communities to distribute and implement their system. Both products have the ability to have a impact and need globally, and can be used and marketed to those in developing countries and as well as those in the developed.  The difference is that Embrace is both a nonprofit and for profit social enterprise, while Toms model is a buy one give one for-profit business.

Reading: Brewing a Future

Brewing A Future — by Keto Mshigeni & Gunther Pauli

“In natural systems, there is no such thing is waste. Everything that is excreted, exhaled, or exhausted form on organism is used by another.”

“When you focus on the productivity of the raw materials, you can generate more income, higher returns, and more jobs, while at the same time eliminating pollution.”

Keto Mshigeni and Gunther Pauli explore this idea by providing the example of a the chairman of Namibia Breweries, Werner List, who enlisted the help of George Chan, a civil engineer to solve the problem of waste. Chan, funded by the United Nations University, cleverly, with the help from teams of scientists via the internet, deduced processes that turn the waste into valuable inputs for other processes. Resulting in the addition of 12 products other than beer, producing seven times the amount of food, fuel, and fertilizer; and four times as many jobs than a conventional operation. Including cultivation of mushrooms, production of chicken feed by the cultivation of earthworms, cultivation of spirulina algae from alkaline water, and the introduction of fish farming. This method of zero emissions proved to to also be advantages in the addition of revenues rather than extra cost traditionally associated with the burden of waste disposal. Validating the assumption of increase income, higher returns, more jobs, and less pollution.